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Guru Dave Powers: Really Cold | By Guru Dave Powers | Posted February 22, 2015 7:09 p.m.

A strange cloud hung over the top of High Baldy today with the East wind blowing hard as the weather system moved South of us. There was a slight delay on the Tram and Mineral Basin to start out the day, so a move to the chairs offered a quick ascent. The temps. were really cold, and with the wind, it seemed that much colder. Here is a shot of that cloud formation as it spilled over into the Gad Valley.

All of the freshness had been worked after yesterday’s powder panic, however, nice soft lines were still to be found. The bottom layer was still in play and needed to be addressed to avoid spinning out on a greasy spot. Lower Primrose Path had been given a nice till along with many of the lower mountain drops that felt dry and chalky, though those slick spots made a long deliberate turn a must. Mineral Basin was in high demand, which kept the front of the hill moving quickly as all the pressure was in the back. As the new product gets working into the snow pack, the consistency issues will mitigate as we move into the week. Tomorrow, look for a clear day, but I expect the cold to still be a factor. The Groomers will offer the most consistent ride and the off trail will still be soft though variable. This cold air will keep the quality light and dry, so the melt downs of the last period will not be as much of an issue.

Here is a shot of Stephanie Lee who was sporting this very intriguing outfit from Brabar Boutique. It is the Snow Sugar Jacket and looked like a glimps into future of ski fashion. She wears it well and can throw down a real turn to back it up. Look for the Sun and fun in the back for the morning session. Ciao!!

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