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indieFilmFunding Launches New Crowdfunding Platform | By Samantha Hurst | Posted May 6, 2014, 6:43 p.m. (iFF), a crowdfunding platform exclusively based in indie film genre, announced on Tuesday its site has officially been launched to the public.

Coinciding with the website’s launch, the company released its first theatrical film project to be featured on iFF site called “The Big Finish.” The film will start Hollywood legends including Bob Newhart, Don Rickles, Jerry Lewis, Tim Conway, Garrett Morris, Debbie Reynolds, Clois Leachman, Mary Tyle Moore and other iconic entertainers who will be the spotlight production on iFF.

iFF’s brand new platform is open for submission from any producer, director, or filmmaker that is seeking funding for a film project. Once a submission is green-lit, it can reside on the site for a pre-determined period of time or until the campaign is fully funded.

Co-founder and CEO of iFF Edward Panos stated, “We are delighted to have such a high profile indie film project [that] utilize our platform for crowdfunding. There are two critical points that differentiate iFF from the other crowdfunding sites. At iFF, we proactively promote each and every film project on the platform via social networking outreach and the filmmaker actually gets to utilize the funds raised, regardless of whether or not the target amount was achieved. This in turn enables the filmmaker to make the movie on an adjusted budget, which mirrors the indie film-funding industry.”

Director of “The Big Finish” Martin Guigui noted, “’The Big Finish’ is a timeless story, a classic comedy with heart and homage to the greatest comic legends. We are thankful that iFF launched and believe it will positively impact this important genre of the film business.”

Additionally, iFF is creating more in-depth platform that will aid the indie producers and directors across the entire life of a project from pre and post-production to marketing and distribution. is a place to celebrate the storyteller who desires to create films from their dreams. Conveniently located in Park City, UT, iFF is here to help the vision of the storyteller become a reality, by empowering the ability to raise capital through the iFF crowdfunding platform. With a niche for indie films, both long and short format, iFF is a community for indie storytellers who have a desire to share, explore, support and succeed with the world they create.

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